FASTLANES : Cheaper Shepherd x Cans et D-Johns

When French House meets NYC Hip Hop



FASTLANES : Cheaper Shepherd x Cans & D-Johns

House & Hip hop – Live performance w/ NYC MC’s

Fastlanes was born in the heart of New York City, with a rather unexpected collaboration between the French producer duo Cheaper Shepherd and New Yorkers Cans and D-Johns. From this alliance comes great creativity but also a fast and powerful production capacity. Proof of this, with their debut album, a clever blend of 90’s hip hop and house entirely made in Chicago, was released in less than a week of recording. With the same energetic drive, they’re currently working on a second album planned for April, and producing it under the same recording conditions as the previous one.
Fastlanes, which at the beginning only started out as the first name of this album between Parisians and New Yorkers, quickly established itself as a complete and long-lasting project. Their artistic ingenuity combined with their great musical technique are signs of promising beginnings. Their performances at the first edition of the double 9 festival or at the Bateau Music Festival proved it. Indeed, keyboards, turntables and sequencers associated with, the striking and incisive New York flow, are well worth the wait.
Their second album, which will be released in March, is already looking more obscure, here we find very electronic sounds but they are still faithful to their roots and first love: hip-hop and house.
At the crossroads of genres, Fastlane’s’ gamble paid off! The magic happens in the studio, their artistic reactivity and the singularity based on being “Fast and efficient” as on stage with their musical generosity and the incredible relationship they nurture with their audience. Fastlanes is a bit like a virus that we would like to catch, the one that takes you by surprise, that contaminates you and makes you shiver and you head start to spin unexpectedly.



“…mais qui aura du mal à embrayer après la claque administrée au public du Bateau par le duo de producteurs Cheaper Shepherd, accompagnés sur scène par Cans et D-Johns, les deux rappeurs originaires des faubourgs de New York City avec qui Fast Lanes, leur dernier album, fut enregistré. Du feu” – Les INROCKS about BATEAU MUSIC FESTIVAL 

“L’apogée du samedi est sans aucun doute la prestation de Cheaper Shepherd x CANS: ils mettent le feu au festival et à la scène Crustacé. C’est la collaboration entre Cheaper Shepherd -deux producteurs français de house- et Cans -bien implantés dans le milieu hip-hop underground newyorkais ; le tout donne un flow ricain sur des beats french touch.” – JUST FOCUS about BATEAU MUSIC FESTIVAL

“Heureusement sur le pont du Bateau Music il y a ce qu’il faut pour rassasier toute forme d’appétit. Et se maintenir en forme pour affronter le live énergique des rappeurs Cheaper Shepherd x Cans. Les américains ont mis le feu au plancher ; la foule hystérique faite de nouveaux fans sautillait sur les rythmes hip-hop de leur « gros rap US ». Gros coup de coeur du navire en délire.” – TAFMAG about BATEAU MUSIC FESTIVAL


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