(Godot Lab Records, Label Barbe)




(Godot Lab Records, Label Barbe)

Producer and DJ, ‘Arminj’ did turn his puberty into real production thanks to his tickling approach of making music.

First considered as the ‘Mixit’ collective caretaker, he then started to attend parties in Paris underground clubs from both side of the decks. Those influences definitely helped him when he moved to real music production.

Always seeking for diversity and pluriculturalism he also worked for a mexican label as an artist manager and roadie.

At this time, he also released various tracks and remixes upon ‘La Fille De l’Air’, a Rouen Based imprint and ‘Label Barbe’ originated from Nantes and Angers for House oriented tracks.

He also released two abstract EP’s upon the best French west Cost Hip-Hop label ‘Bien Tombé Records’.

In 2016 was created the project Godot Lab Records, label and studio which pursues the goal of releasing unleashed and reckless releases.

Warmth, groove and diversity are the keywords that can described the project in the best way. Several alternative projects which includes external musicians are part of the whole recipe.